Disk Space -Unlimited storage space

The disk space allocated for each email accounts are unlimited.


Syncing Contacts & Calendars

ActiveSync and CardDAV/CalDAV technology let you sync your contacts and events with your various devices, smart phones, PCs, etc.


Antispam/Antivirus– Protect yourself from scammers

Anti spam filtering removes 99.9% of spam emails and protects you against viruses contained in messages.




Multiple Redirects– Check messages to multiple

Email forwarding allows you to “forward” a message to one or more email addresses(s) specified by you.


Alias– Multiply your identities

An alias feature lets you to set a different email address from the original email address.



Schedule an automatic response in the event of absence,specify the start and end dates, and the recipients to whom the message of absence should not be sent.





Protocols– POP3/IMAP4/SMTP

Send, retrieve, and manage your messages using any email application.




Filters and Blacklist 

Emails are sorted automatically and filtered from an blacklisted id


Webmail– Manage your messages

Access your folders, send emails from any device, log on and access your mail as you would do with an email client.





 Access Email in Email APP

Email service is compatible with all the email apps available.




Each Mail boxes are saved daily to prevent any loss of data and the protection of your data is not an option, it’s our standard.