Configuring-an-email-address configuring-email-software email-settings
Whatever email software or smart phone you use, the settings are always identical for configuring an email address:
  1. Incoming server name IMAP (recommended) or POP =
  2. Incoming port if IMAP: 993 with SSL if POP: 995 with SSL
  3. Outgoing server name SMTP =
  4. SMTP port: 587 with TLS
  5. User name = full email address
  6. Password = the one you assigned to the email address in question
  7. Authentication = compulsory for sending emails. Enabled in the SMTP settings of your client mail. 
You must select "use the same settings as the incoming server" or depending on the software, re-enter a user name (= full email address) and its password
IMAP/IMAP4 (recommended)
 Pros: e-mails remain on the server and may therefore be accessed from any machine connected to the Internet, e.g. via Webmail. Handy if you are permanently connected and wish to access all of your messages from several places at once (from home, while on the move or away on a trip, etc) or where several users share one department e-mail address from different workstations. You will always have the same view of messages on the server, with each user seeing the same messages: if a message is deleted by one user, other users will no longer see the message. If it is moved to a folder on the server, all users will see the message in that folder.
 Cons:In principle, you need to be connected to the Internet to read your messages (but some e-mail clients on some mobile devices will allow you to view the inbox even without a 3G/4G or wi-fi connection).
 Pros: e-mails are removed from the server and downloaded to the computer. They may therefore be read off-line. Handy if your connection is costly or not permanent.
 Cons: e-mails no longer appear in Webmail. There cannot be several people accessing the same mailbox, since as messages are deleted each time the mailbox is checked, messages will appear to be missing or disappear. Moreover, if you "keep a copy of messages on the server" (one of the options in your e-mail client), as the number of duplicate e-mails stored grows, the greater the risk that you will experience problems.
More information
Since IMAP is not compatible with POP3, you should not attempt to log into Webmail while an e-mail client configured to use POP3 is open.
To switch an e-mail address from one protocol to the other, you must re-create an identical account in your e-mail client then copy the messages over.
Obtaining and synchronising the list of folders between the webmail and a messaging Software
While they are present in your Webmail it is possible that some folders don't appear in your IMAP configured email software.
Steps to take
 Try right-clicking on the IMAP account and find the "IMAP folders" -> "register" or "subscriptions" designation.
Change the Email password
Open the Workspace:
In the menu under your user name in the top-right corner, select E-mail Settings
Under the heading Email account settings, select the account for which you want to change the password
On the General tab, click on Change password
Follow the instructions displayed
Error smtp port 25 unrecognized impossible to send messages from an email client
In order to be able to send emails nevertheless, you need to specify port no 587 instead (or 2525 if 587 doesn't change anything). 
Actions to be carried out
 You just need to go to the account settings for your email address and change the port which is used by the SMTP protocol (outgoing mail). The default is 25 and you need to replace it with 587. This will enable you to use the SMTP authenticated mode for sending your email providing you with the full benefit of our email services.
More information
Error messages:
 "573  Antispam: Unauthenticated connection impossible. Please use the port 587 instead of port 25.
 "An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded, or there may be too much net traffic."
 "The time limit has been exceeded" with the following error number (421 or 573 for example).
Importing the contents of an email address from one email account to another
Copying the contents of an Email address to an Email account managed by BieHost
Open the transfer wizard (
Click on Start copy
Select the provider of the email address whose contents are to be copied and fill in the information requested.
If necessary, contact the provider support in order to obtain the IMAP server address and the email address password
Recovering the contents of multiple email addresses in batches
Open the batch transfer wizard (
Download the CSV shown in the example in order to create one with the right information needed for copying
Download it using the Import a CSV file button
Follow the information on the screen
Support for various emailing protocols
We support the following protocols & standards for our email servers:
POP3 (port 110/tcp) — default port for receiving messages via POP3
POP3s (port 995/tcp) — secured port for receiving messages via POP3s
IMAP (port 143 /tcp) — default port for receiving messages via IMAP
IMAPs (port 993 /tcp) — secured port for receiving messages via IMAPs
SMTP (port 25 /tcp) — default port (but restricted) for the sending of messages
SMTP (port 587/tcp)— alternative port for sending messages
We also support:
TLS authentication on SMTP ports 25 and 587
SMTP authentication (either LOGIN or PLAIN)
STARTTLS authentication for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
BieHost limits regarding incoming emails
E-mails are received and kept on the server without limits on size or time.
"Deleted messages" and folders are emptied automatically after 14 days.
The number of folders which can be displayed in WorkSPace is limited to 500 (unlimited in messaging software such as Thunderbird)
We do not recommend keeping more than 4000-5000 messages per folder (it slows down the indexing of the messages). 
Therefore, please consider moving your messages into sub-folders, which makes it easier to read them. You can do this manually or set automatic sorting rules. 
Limits for sending mails
As part of the Email offer, we have put security measures in place to detect abusive or abnormal use of an email address. These measures will protect you from malicious use of your computer or your mail account. 
Global limits for sending emails,These limits can be modified without notice.
Daily sending limit for an single email address : 1440 messages
Number of recipients per message(To, Cc and Bcc): 250
Daily limits are understood as 24-hour segments.
Upon written request, it is possible to modify the sending limit (for a specific email address). Please contact us from an email address on your customer account so that we may authenticate your request.
Mozilla thunderbird configuring a new Email address
Open Mozilla Thunderbird
Show the Thunderbird Menu (at the top right) > Options > Account settings
Click on Account management > add an email account 
Under Your surname and first name, enter your first name and surname (e.g.: John Smith) 
 Under Email address, enter your email address (e.g.: [email protected]) 
 Under Password, enter your email account password 
Click on Continue 
Enter the following information changing the login to your own
Click on retest
Click finish
Error-some messages are disappearing from the webmail
An email can disappear from the Webmail when using an email client such as Outlook for example,configured in POP3. 
As a default, this software will thereby download (by removing) the emails that were in your Webmail's inbox.
Please note that there are some options in Outlook and similar which allow you to specify that messages should not be removed when you download them, by keeping them for a limited period of time (10 days for example). 
This isn't recommended,this is defined in the software directly,and doesn't depend upon BieHost.
If the email software is set in IMAP then it functions differently,
however there are certain options in email clients and our Webmail that allow email to be sorted automatically, scheduled for deletion, using automatic rules, etc.
Restoring Deleted Emails.
We can restore free-of-charge the contents of an email account to its previous state, that of one of the last 6 or 7 days (we keep 7 backups, 7 "snapshots" of the mailbox). 
Please be aware that the restoration includes neither the agenda nor the address book.
Actions to be carried out
If the email address has since been deleted, begin by recreating the account with the same exact name.
Make a restoration request  from the email address in question specifying the date and time the messages were deleted.
Indicate whether you want a specific directory or the entire mailbox.
We will ask you to confirm the request (you'll simply need to answer our email).
More information
If you usually retrieve your incoming mail using the POP/POP3 protocol, we shall not be able to restore everything since the backup is only carried out once a day.
 It will therefore only save the messages which were found at the time of the backup procedure, but not those which have already been retrieved, nor the sent messages folder. It is therefore preferable to use the IMAP protocol in your email client.
White list to avoid spam filtering
A white list is a list of e-mail addresses that you can compile using Workspace or a Mail hosting. 
Messages sent to you from these addresses will bypass your mailbox's spam filter.
You can therefore be certain that such messages will be delivered to your inbox and not to your junk email.
The white list is also filled automatically with the addresses you send emails to from WorkSpace.
Completing the list from WorkSpace
open WorkSpace (
go to the email settings under Security
complete the Whitelist block (to whitelist a whole domain, write * for example)
Completing the list from the Mail hosting
open the Manager (
go to Mail hosting
click on the hosting concerned
click on the email address concerned
click on Security
complete the Whitelist block (to whitelist a whole domain, write * for example)
To find out more
The whitelist only applies to the original recipient of each message. 
If the message is sent to [email protected] but this is then redirected to [email protected], the spam filter and whitelist must be set up on the abc address.
Black listings
This guide explains how to add email addresses or an entire domain to an email address' blacklist. 
To add an email address or domain to the blacklist: 
Open the WorkSpace ((
At the top right of the window, hover your mouse over your name and click Email Settings 
Hit the Security tab 
If necessary, enable the Spam Filter 
In the Blacklist input field at the bottom of the page, enter the full email addresses to be added to the blacklist. 
To blacklist all email addresses from a domain name, enter * 
Hit the OK button 
Now, when messages from a sender or domain on the blacklist arrive in your inbox, they will be treated as spam.
Support for the push mail function
We do not support PUSH Email functions such as Push-IMAP, SyncML and Blackberry.
The idea is to remain connected constantly to await new messages with an IMAP IDLE/NOOP.
If no IMAP command is sent, our servers disconnect after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Having said that, if your software manages to send a command to refresh the connection, in this case you shall be able to stay connected.
Push Email functions are oriented towards mobile telephony and mobile synchronization. 
We suggest you ask your phone service provider if they offer this kind of service. 
You need to ask them if they have an IMAP-Push and SyncML server that is compatible with your device.
Retrieving all emails sent to the domain without having to specify an Email address each time.
On your Mail hosting, create what is called a "catchall" address if you wish to receive all messages for which there is no specific e-mail address set up on your domain.
For instance, you use [email protected] but wish to receive e-mails even if the sender gets the address wrong ([email protected], [email protected], etc).
With a catchall address,a sender getting the address wrong will not receive an error message and you can check corresponding e-mails by logging in to the catchall address [email protected]
However, we would advise against creating this account because it also retrieves all the spam and viruses; after a wave of spam, it runs the risk of being completely swamped. 
It is better for senders to receive an error message warning them that the e-mail address they specified is not in use so that they do not continue to use it as a recipient address.
What is more,if you configure an auto-reply function on a [email protected] address on your domain,no automatic reply will be sent to the people sending a message to an address which does not exist on the domain.
Error Messages cannot be sent from apple mail
In the event of issues associated with sending from Apple Mail, here are several different solutions that can help you resolve this sending problem.
 Actions to perform
Close Apple Mail completely then open it
 A message should appear indicating a problem with the certificate
 Click on Connect and everything should work again

If not, go to the menu Mail -> Preferences...
 Open the Accounts tab
 Select the account concerned in the column on the left
 Open the Advanced tab and uncheck Use SSL
 Return to the Account Information tab
 Locate the Outgoing server (SMTP) drop-down list
 Select the last option Edit the list of servers...
 Select the outgoing server to edit (list in the upper part of the window)
 Click on the Advanced tab
 Enable Use the customized port and indicate port 587
 Uncheck Use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
 Click on "OK"
 Send yourself and email, it should work without a problem

 If not, click on the menu Mail -> Preferences...
 Open the Accounts tab
 Select the account concerned in the column on the left
 Under Incoming server put
 Locate the Outgoing server (SMTP) drop-down list
 Select the last option Edit the list of servers...
 Select the outgoing server to edit (list on the upper part of the window)
 Click on the Account data tab
 Under Server name enter
 Click on the Advanced tab
 Enable Use the customized port and enter port 587
 Send yourself an email, it should work without a problem
Email forgingspoofing spam originating from ones own address error messages in bulk.
It's possible you may be receiving spam as if it had been sent by your own address. Rest assured: you, and only you are receiving this spam coming from your own email address. 
This spam isn't being sent from your own address to people in your contacts list. The integrity of your email account has not been jeopardized at any time.

To reduce the amount of these messages in your inbox,
check if your own email address is present in your spam filter's whitelist(In your Webmail, under Mail settings -> 
Security tab -> "Managing the whitelist" button, and then select your own address and delete it using the "Trash" button.
You may of course set it back once the wave of spam has stopped).

If you're receiving error messages indicating non-delivery of spam messages, here again, it isn't truly a matter of messages being sent from your account,
but messages that pretend to come from your address. Indeed, anyone can pretend to be you. Anyone can use your email address as the sender,
in the same way that anyone who sends mail by traditional means can indicate your address at the back of the envelope,thus making the recipient believe that you are the sender.

Spammers (people who send vast amounts of commercial messages, on command) use all possible methods to bypass existing spam filters and reach their goals. 
One of these methods consists in modifying the sender's address of the messages they send (either by manufacturing them, or by randomly selecting them in existing lists) 
in order to avoid raising recipients'suspicions.It is therefore difficult to trace back the true source of the message as the name and email address shown are not the correct ones. 

These messages are usually transmitted in one of two ways: either through a mail server that is poorly secured and that spammers have discovered and use the time the problem 
is recognized and resolved or by Trojans that have infected hundreds of thousands of PCs around the globe and send messages almost automatically,unknown even to those 
computer owners, upon the spammer's request (botnets principle).

This doesn't imply in any way that you have suffered any hacking of your account, an email address theft or identity theft; it's rather an attempt to defeat spam barriers. 
It's a nuisance against which we unfortunately cannot do anything. The only solution resides in the securing of all mail servers in the world, all servers requiring
authentication to send emails, as do our servers. Unfortunately, as long as all servers are not secured, mail forging has a bright future ahead of it.

Check also whether you have a "catchall" address on your hosting from within the list of mail accounts. 
Cancel the possible redirection to your overloaded mailbox if necessary. Doing this will greatly reduce the return of undelivered mail. 
Error the recipient has been rejected by the server response from server 550 571 relaying denied
Please check that you have activated the "my server requires authentication" option in your outgoing SMTP server settings.
You'll find this setting right at the bottom under the "servers" tab in this account's settings in Outlook Express, or
in "Additional Settings" -> "outgoing server" in other Outlook versions.
The correct and complete settings for the various email clients can be found in previous datas.
After this delete/move the waiting to be sent messages (outbox) and try with a new message.
Error-Folders that are greyed out in workspace can not be deleted
This guide explains how to delete the directories appearing in grey in the WorkSpace or in some email clients such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.
With some email clients like Outlook, you can create child directories from non-existent parent directories. 
For example, it is possible to create the directory/abc/klm/xyzwhen the directory "klm" does not exist.
In WorkSpace or any other application, phantom folders, like the directory "klm" in this example appear in grey and cannot be deleted directly.
To delete these phantom directories, it is necessary to delete their sub-directories first (in our example: xyz).
Error -Recipient address rejected 522 over quota 554 500 service unavailable
This error message means that your correspondent's mailbox has a limited storage capacity and that this limit has currently been reached, 
or else that the message you are trying to send him is too big for his allocated space (or the remaining space in his mailbox).

You need to contact your correspondent and ask him to empty his mailbox or ask what the maximum message size is for any email you send him.
Support for Ldap services and directories
Ldap services is not available
Greylisting support on our email servers antispam
Greylisting is an antispam technique which enhances the security of electronic messaging programs. 
This protection measure is implemented on our email servers.
Smtp ban or quarantining of outgoing messages in the event of mass mailing being sent out
Sometimes, a large number of messages are sent from a given e-mail address.
The risks incurred by e-mail server administrators such as us are enormous: if somebody lodges a complaint after receiving an e-mail that they never asked to receive (see below),
  then we are responsible for spamming and our messaging servers are immediately blocked by other providers. None of our customers can then send any more e-mails: 
  a disastrous situation that we absolutely wish to avoid.
To avoid this, bulk e-mails are automatically intercepted and placed under quarantine.
They are sent once we receive assurance that there are no grounds for any potential complaint.
They are destroyed if they were unintentional or if the sender cannot prove that their address list complies with the rules.
Messages placed under quarantine cannot be "viewed" but the headers of one message among others are generally provided during exchanges
As set out in our general terms and conditions, any bulk mail must be sent only to persons who have explicitly requested it, 
          -via a sign-up process that must be logged (date, e-mail, IP address) by the sender.
People are becoming increasingly inconvenienced by spam and hence are taking a harder line (instead of simply binning such messages, they actually complain).At our end, as e-mail providers
 we are responsible for any messages sent over our messaging system, or— and most crucially of all— for messages sent from outside for customers who have web sites hosted with us.
We have a newsletter service in our admin console which allows a sign-up log to be kept.
Any unintentional mailings are also your responsibility.
For a few years, spammers have unfortunately been working on looking for flaws in web sites that they find on Google, in order to allow them to send spam 
      -unbeknown to the owners of the sites in question, or via legitimate e-mail addresses whose passwords they have been able to guess or steal (trojans).
As a result, it is no longer enough to filter just incoming messages; messages leaving our network must also be filtered. In our specific case,
 we have developed our own tools to monitor the outgoing message stream, which run messages through a spam filter. 
When a particular format of message reaches a certain score, if all such messages are coming from the same sender and the rate of messages per second reaches
 a particular threshold (which is as generous as possible) that we have defined, then as a preventive measure the server blocks the e-mail address. 
 (It does not destroy any messages that are already pending but simply suspends them until the customer can be contacted and we can ascertain whether it is actually an 
 instance of spamming or simply a false alarm).
Preventing spam at the early stages enables us to curb bulk e-mailing until the security flaw in question is tracked down, thus preventing us from sending out 
 hundreds of thousands of messages and generally allowing us to halt the flow within the first hundred messages!
Error the automatic reply service is not working
If you have sent a test message to your email address (from any address) several times in a row to check whether your reply service is functioning,
 it is normal that it will ONLY work the first time.
When there are subsequent attempts,the reply service will no longer send the message, recognizing that the message is coming from an address that has already previously sent a message.
You can easily test it again by resetting it to zero, ticking the relevant box in the automatic reply service settings. 
 Or wait 7 days, because at the end of one week, the system starts anew and will begin sending an automatic reply to an address that would send another email.

Find out more about the automatic reply service:

Support for the blackberry Emailing system
We haven't installed a Blackberry Enterprise server. You need to contact BlackBerry yourself and buy a commercial version of their server product and install it locally.
You should note that some telephone service providers offer a full Blackberry service when you buy a Blackberry mobile with the relevant subscription. 
Contact your own provider to gather more information about this.
You may also attempt the configuration with the IMAP / SMTP protocol (click here).
You can also refer to the manufacturer's website for more information:
RBL Support
RBLs (Realtime Blackhole Lists) are lists containing servers known to be major sources of spam. 
This is actually one of the largest blacklists used to spot messages deemed to be spam.
We no longer use external RBLs; instead, we use our own internally compiled blacklists.
Error-Emails sent from biehost land within the recipients unwanted mail or spam folder
If the recipients use Gmail, Yahoo or any provider other than BieHost, we cannot do anything about your email being considered as spam at the other end.
You thereby need to see if there is a solution with the recipient server administrators. If a solution existed, spammers would exploit it immediately to send spam...
If your recipient is also hosted with BieHost, you need to ask him to add you to his whitelist in the spam filter options.
Error-554 message not allowed 320
The error message below arises as a result of the sender computer's date and time not being set correctly:
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
 <[email protected]>
 (reason: 554 Message not allowed - [320])
----- Transcript of session follows -----
 ... while talking to
 <<< 420 Resources unavailable temporarily. Please try later
 ... while talking to
 >>> DATA
 <<< 554 Message not allowed - [320]
 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable
Indeed, Yahoo's mail servers check this information and so you will need to update these details and try to send the messages again.
Error-Fix reverse ip ou reverse dns lookup
If you get one of these messages while sending an e-mail, you should ask your ISP to set a valid reverse DNS entry for your IP address; otherwise, 
 our e-mail servers will refuse to allow you to connect as a security measure.
As an anti-spam measure, we reject messages coming from machines which have no reverse DNS entry (i.e. machines whose IP address does not match their name). If you have received
 a "Fix reverse IP" error message, this means that your ISP or person responsible for your DNS has forgotten to match a name to the IP address of your e-mail server. 
 Get in touch with them to rectify this situation and you will then be able to send e-mails as usual (both through us and any other e-mail servers).
Error Client host blocked using barracuda Reputation
Occasionally when you attempt to send a message, you may receive a return error message warning you that your address has been blacklisted in some way:
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <[email protected]> (reason: 554 Service unavailable; Client host blocked using Barracuda Reputation;
This message informs you that the destination mail server (where your recipient is located) is refusing your messages on the basis of their source: for example the dynamic, temporary IP address assigned to you by your InternetService Provider.
The organizations that maintain these blacklists do so in order to restrict the volume of spam sent over the Internet.
The IP addresses logged on one of these servers may have been the source of spamming and the cause of multiple complaints.
This means that the Internet Service Provider responsible for these IP addresses has not acted accordingly, for instance by not properly configuring its mail servers.
All such lists have tools for administering them and removing any addresses that have no reason to be there (where the situation has been rectified, mail servers correctly configured, etc). But you, as a user, can almost never do  anything about it yourself.
 Only the administrator of your network or the list that rejected you can take action.
There are several ways to resolve this issue:
you may disconnect and re-connect (by unplugging your modem then plugging it back in), which will usually mean that you are assigned a new IP address.
you may also follow the procedure given by the organisation that blacklisted you (e.g. ) to make sure that your current address is erased from the list concerned.
you could potentially switch ISP 
Error sent messages folder not synchronised in outlook.
This problem doesn't occur with an email client such as Mail (on Mac) or Thunderbird.
In Outlook, in order to save sent messages to the IMAP folder (in webmail) you need to create a rule according to the following procedure:
First click "Tools" then "Rules and alerts"
In the new window, click "New rule"
Choose "start a blank rule" then "check messages after transmission"
Select "use the form, Name of form"
In the new window "Choose forms", in the dropdown menu, choose "Application forms"
In the list below, find message, click it then click "add" so that "message" is displayed there, then "Close"
In the "email manager wizard" window, click "move a copy to the specified folder" then, in the bottom window, click "specified"
Now choose the IMAP folder "sent" then click OK
Confirm by clicking "next", as well as in the following window
Give this rule a name, click "Apply" then "Close"
Once this rule is applied, Outlook will leave a copy of all your sent messages in the folder specified.
 You can also create a folder that is yours exclusively and apply this rule so that all your messages are copied there.
 Another solution, that is available in Outlook 2007, consists of changing the folder where your sent messages are saved:
Go to the "Tools" menu and then "Account settings...".
Choose your email account, then click "Change".
Go to "Additional settings" under the "Folder" tab. In this menu you can choose the folder directly where your sent messages will be saved.
Limit to the number of addressees entered in the blind copy field.
For security reasons the number of addressees entered in the blind copy (Bcc) field is limited to 250
Error windows mail makes messages disappear from the inbox once they are read
Once you have read your messages within Windows Mail's "Inbox" folder, you notice them disappearing.
Instead there is a message "There are no elements to be displayed. Some elements may be hidden as a display mode is in operation.",
 although the properties of the"inbox" show that there are several messages there...
To resolve this issue, click the menu "Display" -> "Current Display" and select a different option to "Hide read messages". For instance, select "Show all messages".
What characters are allowed valid in an email address
According to the RFC, all characters are valid, except

Accented characters
Control characters (CTRL + keyboard key)
Blank spaces
Special characters such as ()<>@,;:"[]|ç%&,
Email client downloads all messages emails again
It can happen that your email client, Microsoft Outlook in particular, starts retrieving all messages including those you have already received and read in the past. 
  The cause is often a POP3 incoming server configuration set with the "keeping a copy of messages on the server" option activated. 
  This configuration may work perfectly for some time and then problems may occur, such as repeated downloading of messages for example.
To avoid this, we strongly advise the use of the IMAP protocol.
If you nevertheless want to use the POP3 protocol, avoid activating the setting to keep a copy of the messages on the server.
Error-Limit to the number of emails sent over 24 hours
As part of the Email offer, we have put security measures in place to detect abusive or abnormal use of an email address. 
 These measures will protect you from malicious use of your computer or your mail account. 
However, we would like to remind you that each mass mailing you send must contain the instructions to unsubscribe and you need to prove registration by your subscribers. 
 It is therefore important to keep the emails confirming the registration by your subscribers via double opt-in. 
Upon written request, it is possible to change these security rules for a specific email address: 
Please contact us from an email address on your customer account so that we may authenticate your request.
WEBMAIL Keyboard shortcuts
  1. Log into your WEBMAIL
  2. Press SHIFT+ALT+H to show the corresponding help
Keyboard shortcut
List of shortcuts
Allows the full list of available keyboard shortcuts in Webmail to be displayed 2.
First message
Allows you to select the first email in the folder in progress
All messages
Allows you to select all the emails in the current folder
Next message
Allows you to move the cursor to the next email.
Previous message
Allows you to move the cursor to the previous email.
Return to the list of emails (in mode 3)
Allows you to return to the list of messages only in layout mode 3
Shows the email (in layout mode 3)
Allows you to display the selected message in layout mode 3
Allows you to put the conversation in the recycling bin.
Allows you to move the cursor to the search field.
New folder
Allows you to create a new personal folder
New message
Allows you to write a new email.
Allows you to reply to the email sender.
Allows you to transfer the selected email.
Allows you to track one or more selected messages.
Stop tracking
Allows you to stop tracking one or more selected messages.
Marked as read
Allows you to mark one or more selected messages as read.
Marked as unread
Allows you to mark one or more selected messages as unread.
Mode 1
Allows you to select the webmail layout as mode 1 (below).
Mode 2
Allows you to select webmail layout as mode 2 (right).
Mode 3
Allows you to select the webmail layout as mode 3 (none).
Low density
Allows you to select a low density for Webmail
Normal density
Allows you to select a normal density for Webmail
High density
Allows you to select a high density for Webmail
Error-Impossible to send a message with outlook 2011 mac
If your account settings are correct (please refer to our FAQ on this subject), it's possible that the Safari web browser is the cause of the problem. 
Indeed, Outlook 2011 uses the Safari webkit to display the content of HTML messages.
This is why we suggest that you reinstall Safari.
Error-535-570 authentication failed
The authentication service on our servers can be overloaded and should be restarted using a monitoring script which will reboot it automatically.
This explains why sometimes it isn't possible to carry out authentication at the time of sending an email while the daemon is being rebooted but works a few minutes later.
 Try making another attempt to send the email.
If the problem continues, please check the configuration of your email account using the specific instructions for your email software.
Error-pre greeting traffic and blacklisted ip address
It may well be that we have blacklisted your IP address because of " Pre-greeting traffic"; spamming software and viruses that connect to our mail servers do not expect the standard response to send mail data directly; our servers identify this data transmission before protocol set up is completed and thus blacklists the source IP address.
Therefore you need to:
configure your mail program or mail server so that it matches the RFC's for mail exchange and so that it expects the response from our server before sending data (an email software with standard configuration does it automatically)
Check that no other software which are capable of trying to send emails through our servers for example for event alarms as well as spyware software or desktops infested with viruses.
Please check all that first before you contact us again to be removed from the blacklist. If the problem remains more thorough tests will have to be undertaken.
Deferred delayed warning message still undelivered after 4 hours will keep trying until message is 3 days old.
The deferred error message means that our email server has tried to connect to your correspondent's email server to send the message but hasn't succeeded, 
 but hasn't succeeded for an unknown reason.
This error message indicates that our server will continue to attempt to send your message for the time specified in the error message.
If this message still can't be sent when this time has elapsed, you'll be sent a final error message to notify you that it wasn't possible to send your message and that your correspondent hasn't received it.
Enabling the spam filter


open the admin console 
go to Mail Hosting
click on the hosting/domain name in question
under Email addresses, Click on OFF to enable the spam filter.



Permanently delete messages which appear to be crossed out in an email client or the webmail
In order to permanently delete messages which appear to be crossed out in an email client or within the Webmail:
Microsoft Outlook
 Go to Edit -> Clear (Purge) deleted messages.
Apple Mail 
 Go to the MAILBOX menu -> Clear deleted elements
Redirecting an Email address
To move or copy incoming messages to one or more email addresses:
Open the email settings
Select the email address concerned
Go to the Redirects tab
Enable the Redirect option and enter the destination email addresses
Save the changes